You know when your body loves to work by it’s little hints!!!!

Whilst trying to be a demolition worker I got carried away with the hammer. I was only taking the old deck apart and had a meeting with the hammer my hand and the deck. Well my hand became the meat in the steel and wood being the bread. I did what all true men would do  SCREAM!!!! I also said a few choice words like cookies, apple pie and the one word that make you feel better FCUK.  and others like Son of a B&^CH followed.  But when all the pain went away and the sympathy (not) from my partner I realised my body was saying that no matter what it will always love ME. Tell me what you see as in the shape of my Blood Blister.  Always know that the only one that can really love you is you so take care of yourself…xxx Smiles to all1024x768_bestfit_80