Taste great but buzzing now !!!

I decided to go food shopping and found something that brought back memories.  I found chocolate. covered coffee beans. Well they are the real thing and once you start eating them you just can’t stop. I managed to stop because years ago I ate a bag full in the afternoon and learned my lesson the awake way.. Yes you guessed itI was awake till the next day. The bags under my eyes actually made it seem like they were closed. You know the dogs that have too much skin that their eyes seem closed well that was me. Not only did I look bad I felt sick from the total lack of sleep. I just wanted to cry as I had to work.  I just bought 2 yes 2 bags of this painfully good snack. Feel good chocolate with the buzz of the bean.  I will be taking only 5 a day to work as five a day seems to be the governments magical number .(when it comes to fruit and veg) Five will do without keeping me up, ya right who am I kidding.!!! Will update you later as I am creating with paints and trying to figure out what my self portrait will be, I welcome ideas!!! I want a mirror with cracks all over it.

take care and keep smiling.

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Richie’s World

Not a day goes by that I don’t have some new exciting idea or the chance to meet someone special.  When you paths cross and we all know it’s for a reason.  I look forward to the next person I meet.  I am working hard on my next painting and the hard work is paying off, it is looking great.  I should watch what I eat as my tummy is now upset!!! Christmas pudding isn’t all that great anyway.  I feel sick.  😦  I finally learned how to lock my phone and it is really cool.  Why is it that e can’t live without a mobile phone?  I remember the time when you didn’t need one and it was a brick.  I gave in years ago and got a pager. What a time that was.  Now I have a top of the line phone and still learn new things I can do with it…. Right now I am watching a show about killer whales.. It is a great show as it portrays these beautiful mammals in a fantastic way. They are so smart and we seem to think that it’s just animal instinct  but is it.? I must make a mental note to self “never ever buy or eat Christmas pudding again”> I feel so sick. 😦  Sorry I have no new pictures to show you but soon I will finish this painting and will get it up on the blog for all to enjoy.. As always, Keep smiling and I am sending smiles and good thoughts to all.  It’s a waste of time and energy to be negative or hold onto bad memories. Anything that has happened is a memory. 🙂

Richie’s World

Just the night-time update. My buddy is kicking my other girls bum in wii dance.  It is too funny. I want to join but poor back says no way. Grace seems to double Sara’s score every time.  I can do some of the games as you just sit but grace is so good.  We just had steak for dinner.  The day has been great except for the Lawyers bill!!!! Oh well she is good and I will do as she says.  Looks like I will go to court to settle this divorce. I want closure and a fair one.  It will cost me now but in the end both parties should be happy. Smiles to all 🙂


Richie’s World

Not only is the weather foul so are some aspects of life. I have learned not to let things stick to much in my head.  It’s easy to do when you finally see the truth.  You need to feel and know that you have right to feel good.  If you feel you have done nothing wrong and others feel different you need to stand your ground.  I was told something once before when I was made to feel guilty, “I don’t make you feel guilty, you make yourself feel that way so don’t blame me.”  It’s easy to say this to people who you have made to feel guilty as you know exactly which strings to pull and how to get the response you were looking for. I took all this on board and learned the hard way.  I have now stopped this feeling of guilt and know I have a clear mind and heart when I make my choices.  I do feel for all involve in my choices but I only do what is fair and right.  At the time I make my choices, other may see it differently but it’s not about them.  The bigger picture needs to be seen.  I have a great support network now.  I ask advice, listen to others but most of all I listen to myself.  I do a lot of research to get the facts before I put things in motion.  I have come a long way as I used to just gave in as I was beaten down.  With help I am so much stronger.  Seeing smiles and happiness helps. 🙂 Here’s a new sunrise for you all!!!!

Richie’s World

Today start Great but as the middle of the day hit I decided to fix the sink, it was coming off the wall.  Yes I know I rent but it wasn’t something to hard.  I thought that until I stuck my hand around the base of the pedestal and something RIPPED through my finger. Talk about pain and blood. Good thing I was able to call my other half and she came over to sort my middle finger.  She was told by the Doctor at a resent visit that she had a good heart so I took that to being kind, oh no she took one look at the finger and said”no stitches” and then she grabbed my finger and started to squeeze.  I must admit I was both HOT and Cold all at the same time.  I now have a pretty middle finger that I get to show everyone, that’s right sticking straight up!!!!  So the moral of this short but true story is, wait for it.  I HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS!!!

I finished one Christmas present that was giving me trouble but I never give up.  Now I am working on part two of the gift.  I will not give up as I am a fighter/lover. 🙂  Got to see my little buddy this morning and we are planning dinner and a movie.. We will see.  lets see what photo I can show you today, remember all comments are welcome both good and bad. It’s your opinion so it matters to you!!!!  smiles to all and happiness.  🙂


Richie’s World

Just another happy day.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I have my family and friends.  I’ve been working on a few Christmas gifts and it’s been tough, it just isn’t coming together the way I want it to.  I need to look for more supplies.  I will get it as I will never give up on it. Actually I don’t give up on anything anymore.  I am watching the Hatfields and McCoys on TV and it is really good.  I had a few calls from my work friends and that’s helped. I am getting fed up with my back.  The skin is healed now so no oozing but it is swelling again and looks like it going to pop! Will be seeing the Doc again in the morning to see what he says.  I hope everything is ok… I am struggling on what to get my little buddy for Christmas.  She want a horse but that’s a big no! An Ipad is out too so what is it going to be this year?  Need to buy more paint so I can finish a painting that needs to be done for Christmas.  I must contact the buyer this week to let them know when it will be ready.  I need some bubble wrap to protect it too.  Sorry its been a while since my last post but life has been in a twist lately but I will now just go with the flow and let what happens happen.  I have someone who is taking the pressure away for me.  Always smile and be happy because dwelling on negative things or people just keeps it real.  If something isn’t working out and you are sure no change will happen then just let it move on out of your mind because one day it will come back and the answer will be there too.  Let the problem starve, without the energy it will fade away.  Smiles to all and happiness to everyone!!!   🙂  

Richie’s World “Fun Questions and blind food sampling”

Today I decided to play a few games. The first is 20 questions to see just how much we think alike.  Also sampling some food well she will but blindfolded.  I wonder how many different sensations she will get.  Yes it my girlfriend. We both love to cook for each other and together.  It’s nice to be able to just talk things out without fighting. We discuss things even if we don’t agree we never disrespect each other or shout.   I really hope that things never change, being happy is a state of mind and my mind is very happy.  enough of this babble so I will let you know in the next blog what questions were asked and the answers , maybe, and what foods she had to sample and how many she got right.  If I know her Sara, she will get all of them right.  Smiles to all and look forward to your comments!!!  🙂  Oh, no pictures for this blog today sorry….

Richie’s World

Just a quick up date,

Back is crap but will be sorted as I trust my Doc.   Will post pic soon and some paintings.  If your interested in paintings or photos then let me know.  Working on some really arty farty photos so hope you will like them as all photos I sell are limited to 25 signed….  Each photo is numbered and you can choose the size  (negotiable )  as I will price accordingly.  Will update after Doc appointment tomorrow.   Smiles to all all the time….

Richie’s World

I had a good day today in a sense but it was also very tense!!! When you go to a memorial of a friend / colleague  and you are celebrating their fantastic life but he was only 2 years older than me… He was so full of life and did so much as he knew that life is no guaranty and it can be taken in a flash.  One thing I will take from him is Never give up and always shoot for the top.  He caught so sort of viral bug and had heart/lung failure just over 8 years ago and went to the USA to have a heart and lung transplant and was back on top doing everything from extreme sports to working hard and caring for his wife and 3 lovely children.  I wish him well…. Never give up and always live to the fullest, you can’t change yesterday but you can improve on it.   Keep happy and always smile.  🙂 Heres a picture for you  Doctor J. Griffin… 

Richie’s World

Life is butt a dream, yes that’s the right word… I think I will have a little walk to the shops and pick up a bottle of wine for dinner. Butts, Bum, Tail, Rear End, Ass what ever you call it it’s still a funny body part and word.. Yes we all know what it’s used for in the anatomical sense but it also has other useful or useless things.. Both sexes like to look at it, touch it well the list goes on and the not so useful things, smuggle things in it oooou, sitting when you have a bad back, making funny sounds and smells stinky….ok back to a more serious note,  later today I will post a picture of one of my paintings that I have been working on, I want your opinions on it. Do I stop working on it, add more to it and what, any help but ultimately I will do what I feel it need till  the painting tells me to stop.  Once that happens I will sign and date it and it will be up for sale….  Smiles to all and stay happy (I am)  … 🙂 🙂 🙂

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