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Another day is done and I have a lot to be thankful for… I went to see my little buddy play her second football game. Yes they won again!!!  So proud of her.I have a few pics of her from my phone so it isn’t great..  She’s the blurry one with the ball.

The next one is also from my phone so sorry, it shows her using a camera at Brixham College.  It’s a trial class evening for full time next year.  Hard to believe she will start at Brixham College next year…. Smiles to all and happiness 🙂


Richie’s World

Starting this blog tonight is wishing my little buddy GOOD LUCK in her first Football match.  I will be there to cheer her on.  We practice when we can and she has a killer kick!!!

Ok now what have I been up to, well I only have two more test to take before I get my Photography Certificate.. Yaaa for me.  I might try to finish them this week before I start work next week.   I have been off due to pain and surgery in my back.  I am still tender but am cutting down my pills and using the simulator daily.. With all that’s going on it’s now just a moment in time and it has passed. I can’t explain how I feel tonight except tired and happy.  Sleep has been a problem but I am working on it..  I might do some more work on the Paintings as time is getting short.  Both big paintings are hanging on my wall and really look great but they still talk to me, Shoot me up with the colour drugs!!!!

Smiles to all and happiness too.. 🙂  Yes my favorite or one of them cooking and Thai cooking is my favorite areas.

Richie’s World

Want to blow my whistle baby whistle baby let me know!!!!  just put your lips together and get real close…. love the song.. my little buddy introduced me to this song.  she is so into music and loves to share it with me.. love watching her grow up to being a loving kind beautiful young lady with so much to offer the world!!!! smiles to all and be happy  🙂

Richie’s World “Fashion from My Buddy GRACE”

Just wanted to share a picture of the next big fashion and designer…So incredible and sweet at the same time.  Ever since she was 4 years old she has been making he own fashions designs and clothes… She even sold a shirt she created.. it cost me 10 pounds!!!! Oh must show the back of this outfit too…Smiles to all and happiness too.  🙂

Richie’s World


It finally happened, I decided to end my Facebook account for personal reasons.  It seems that some people read too much into my post!!!! That won’t happen again. I will continue to be me and live life the way I see fit regardless of what others think.  If others can’t deal with it then un-subscribe!!!!! (not just from my blog)  I do not hurt others and am too nice for my own good.  So everyone has choices so make them and live with it.. I only see black and white now, I was seeing some gray but it is now been erased.  Did a lot of thinking last night and learned some real truths about the way people can be……

Went out and got the gear my little buddy needed for football and the smile was worth it… She also wanted to practice! so I helped her by showing her how to kick and she had so many questions.. it’s nice seeing her so happy.. Smile to all 🙂

Richie’s World

I know its been a long time since my last post but life has taken me to new HIGHS!! I decided to take better pictures of my latest two Paintings..

I am not finished with them but if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them…

I do sell my work but only to nice people….I also went to see my little buddy doing something that she really loves ,,,HORSE RIDING!!!

Dam she is so good and no fear…  

I keep thinking about “what am I to do ”  My life part two is developing into something that has taken me back to an old place that I thought had gone away for good, The real me!!! I like me even more now.. It’s nice to use a camera again but I know one day I will have my own camera again, there is so much that needs to be seen and shown to other..I leave you with a lovely pic of my buddy 🙂

Keep smiling to everyone and remember they have no idea what you are really thinking!!!!

Richie’s World, Just a world in my head and it gets bigger and bigger!! What can I do at 45 young? I have had the best week ever and it will take a lot to beat it..  I am painting more and more and hope to sell more and more.  The work is better then ever and all i can say is YES you have your own style  and to make thing even better is I love what I do!!!! What a feeling to have a whole week off with my little buddy. We played tons and did some serious stuff too.  Crazy that one can hold so much happiness in one’s mind.. I look into my paintings and I start to dream, they take me to new places that only I can see as it is in my mind… I feel like I am actually there, in the painting!!! Yes its crazy but isn’t that normal when it comes to art? you feel the emotions and experience what the artist is trying to convey?  I feel and see what I paint and it all comes from my head….. I will get some pictures of the finished piece to you soon, just need to charge the camera battery on my loaner and then I will share with you the paintings.  Well must settle down and try to get some sleep as I have to work the day job in the morning. 😦 oh well it pays the bills…. Big smiles to all and please pass this blog on to all your friends, I want to see how many followers I can get in one year, would love to write a book on the life of blogging in Richie’s World  in my head!!!! here’s what buddy thinks to this haaaa haaa

Richie’s World

Just wanted to let everyone know of a few web sites that I really like…..

Number one for all of you with varied interest.. play on the name of the site.  PINTEREST   ok type in   and you will have a new world of interesting things to do or learn.  I have seen things I want to do or try, and things that I have never ever thought of… Let me know what you think of this site,, 🙂


Number two is very cool too. it is simply called TED or  It has great content.  you may learn something that makes you really think…  I feel like it really pushes me mentally…. Or am I just mental?????

Bing bong ping!!!  Work is like the squirts, the cra3# keeps coming out and you just can’t get away with out it touching you.

Just started to paint Flowers number two.. It is looking really good and can only get better.  Wine and blogs don’t really mix but true kind friends do!!!!(with wine too)

Last week-end Grace (my little girl, best buddy in the whole wide world did a painting and Daddy ( that’s me) thinks it’s so good that he will get it framed!!!!  She spent so much time and the concentration she had doing it makes it worth a million!!! Great work Grace.   Smiles to all 🙂

Richie’s World

What a day!!!!  First was a cool walk on the beach then a quick march back home.  We needed to start the baking… We make three, yes three special banana breads.  We added almond extract instead of vanilla.  It is fantastically  YUMMY!!!   We are now cooking a roast chicken dinner with yorkshire puddings ( made with whole wheat flour) hope it turns out well.  Another recipe change…  Grace just got me moving again, the Wii dance thing.  I have no beat at or ability to wiggle !!!! 🙂   Talk to you all soon.  Big smiles to all and good thoughts going out to you.   Played the Lottery but I’ve been notified that I have to return to work.  Better luck for me next week… congratulations to who ever won.  It says DADDY!  I love it!!!!!

A Morning walk on the Beach!!!!

Well it was cold out but not as cold as the last few days.  We started at one end and walked for about 1 mile then walked back.  All the time I was looking for treasure.

It would be nice if I found some ancient coin or even a modern Diamond ring 🙂 but no it wasn’t to be. I did find a chunk of blue sea glass so technically I did find a piece of treasure.  I always carry the camera and even though I didn’t see something new to photograph so I took some random shots and cropped them.

Let me know what you think.  I found it hard to just let go as there are some issue that I am trying hard to resolve with as little disruption as possible.  The day is growing longer and my time is becoming mine again.  Can’t wait to go for long walks at night without freezing!!!!  I am not the only one stuck in the MUD!

x Smiles to all and I will be posting the cooking tonight as it’s something I’ve never ever cooked before or even seen…..

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