Richie’s World “Back to WORK after Koh Samui”

Sorry that I have been out of touch for a while but Thailand was calling.  It was a surprize for me and a wake up to my system.  I am very grateful for all that I have.. The best part of this eye-opening experience was the people followed closely by the food and weather.    Can you really feel that bad about not having something you want but don’t need?  Hear are a few photos that tell their own story…Here a a few people working so hard to please all.. We don’t seem to work this hard just to please….Fancy some food?

I need to see more of this world and people and hope to learn just a little bit more on how to be a better person. Here is a pic of a LADYBOY!!! VERY BEAUTIFUL IN REAL LIFE….  Just have fun and play with a big smile… This little girl was maybe 4 years old and could be the best hoola hooper ever and so happy  When people are mean, just let it go and remember that everything is connected in the big picture and it will come back to in bigger ways.  Giving is the way to go, so try not to be a taker… Hope you liked the photos and please feel free to comment on them.. Smiles to all and tell your friend to subscribe to my blog, it’s FREE  🙂


A day with ICE CREAM!!!


Well 5 kids and 2 adults took a trip to Ben And Jerry’s ice cream factory in Vermont.  The trip was fine as the kids sang Lady GaGa songs or watched movies while the boring adults talked.  It was a good day.  The kids could not wait to get there, Are we there yet? NO are we there yet? NO  it went on for a while but as every good adult would do we ignored the rest of the questions.  We arrived to see all the other people being very excited and looking like bush pigs!!!  We had a few jokes and bought our tickets for the tour.  After the tour we got to sample the flavor of the day.  No I don’t remember the flavor as after a while all icream taste the same.  I then had the new coffee buzz buzz flavor.  It said it was coffee with choc. and choc covered coffee beans.  No beans to be found in my ice cream 😦  we then headed to the Notch.  It’s a mountain road only open in the summer.  We let the kids out for some rock climbing and photos.   My allergies hit me hard then.  I felt like someone just filled my head and throat with saw dust!! Cough and sneeze.  I hope it goes soon as I hate this feeling and my nose is so sore from blowing it… Off to town soon and relax for the day as the big Reunion is Saturday!!! to many people but it will be ok…


Smiles to all and see you all soon.. 🙂


Just took a quick photo of the Grace box that was sent for free. It is wonderful so I hope you all took advantage of this offer.. Sorry the picture is not the greatest but just wanted everyone to know it is true, free things of quality are out there and this company supports charity for other countries. So win win.  So remember to pass on this site on to all. 🙂

OOOPS “this is for you girls”

Go to  and click on FREE GIFT and just fill in the order form and get a box of your choice for free.  I just did it and it said I will have my box within 28 days.  I got the small ones for my little girl as she is turning into a young woman so why not have some on hand… 🙂  Another free thing for you to pass on to your friends.. Please pass on this blog to your friends and family… It’s free to get my blog.. 🙂

A new FREE OFFER!!!!

A friend at work told me about a company that is giving away free nibbles Healthy nibble but you need a special code. And you know what she gave me the code. It will ask you for your credit card detail. This is only going to be used if you continue to use there service. So after you get your first Box all you do is cancel the order and all is done. Simple. Oh your second order is Half off so you its a good offer again.  The company is     and the code to enter for the free box is     1GFKHRRF   My free box will be here Tuesday  and the next delivery will be Thursday but I will cancel after the free delivery unless it’s great and then I will get the next box at half price. 🙂 Smiles to all

Just a little free offer to all Ultralift Day Cream from Garnier     Use this link to sign up for the free product. I did it and it says 5 to 12 days for delivery but my 14 day supply arrived in 1 day!!! bonus and I will post before and after photos of my face when I start.  Have fun and look younger for free.  Let me know how you get on and I will try to find you free deals that work or ones that save you money or time.  Enjoy the day and talk to you all soon.  Feel free to leave me comments and pass on my blog link and found deals.