Just wanted to share a nice glass of wine…

I have been messing around with my camera and took these photos to share with you. I would welcome any moments you have on them. Now I saw the fire and had the wine and we all know that fire and alcohol don’t mix.  The photos to me look good but the mix ended up burning my hand.  See the wine was resting in the fire and after I was finished the photo shoot I decided to treat myself to the wine, well the glass was so hot I almost let the glass fall from my now screaming fingers. I quickly, as fast as one with a few glasses already inside ones brain or lack of same put the glass of now molten liquid nectar on the table without spilling a drop. I then proceeded to the fridge not the sink for something cold, to drink that is and poured a fresh glass of gods so called water into wine. Well thats the story behind the scenes of this photographic adventure into my mind.  I think I got what I was envisioning but you can be the judge of these pictures. Post your favourite please and why? xxx more to come

wine and fire

wine and fire

wine and fire 2

wine and fire 2

wine and fire 3

wine and fire 3


Richie’s World

Just when all is going well I had to go back into Surgery… Two times my back was drained and then it came back, a Seroma.   I had it opened up and re- sutured. I have some swelling but it is draining and it is very tender. Other than that I am doing fine.  In the morning I will be trying a new recipe for a healthy snack.  I want to become leaner and one day want o be able to jog. I can’t wait for an easy life, no pain, no worries( that will never happen as I have my little girl).I am going to try and finish my photography course this week so I will have my certificate in photography.  I have so many ideas but need to save for my camera again. I will buy used but the same one as I really like it, canon 5D Mark 11…..I keep a smile on all the time and try my best not to let anyone down but I know that when I go to sleep I sleep with a warm heart…. Smile to all and happiness…


Richie’s World

What a day after the storm!!! The rain and wind kept me up most of the night.  I would just about hit dream zone and then the noise would have me thinking again…. It’s nice to think but the mind has a way of carrying on into the dreaded “WHAT IF” which is a curse for the sleepy person.  I had so much going on today and managed to catch up late in the day… Can’t wait for the week-end as my buddy is staying with me… We need to have some good fun, maybe we could bake bread, paint or soccer!!!!  Just think of all your real friends the ones that will always be there for you no matter if you are in the wrong, hurt or even upset with you.  I can count the real friends on one hand.  Sorry but I will never say who they are as they already know… Everyone else is a friend but in a different category.  I found that if you don’t try to find happiness, it appears magically.  I always find a reason to be thankful for at least one thing or part of a day before I close my eyes and enter the other world that I occupy.  In the other world I can do anything and all I have to do is think it and it just happens. If I think of you then you are with me.  How cool is that!!!! If I want to fly, then I can fly..  My dream world or is it the real world is my favorite one.  When I am awake as we know it, might really be the sleeping world and the sleeping world is the real world.  It’s had to know as we have no real answers to “us” or who we are or what we are.  Look at the rest of the creatures on this speck of dust we call earth, we are the only creatures that worry, stress and are extremely GREEDY!!!  It’s know wonder we die early and become sick.  We could learn a lot form others living with very little, they always smile  🙂  I need to paint this week-end as I need to finish these two big paintings so I can start a new idea, “The city at night” all done with my syringes…. It will be at night but with loads of color…Heres a photo of my stone/rock forest I created on the beach 2.5 years ago…  Smiles to all and happiness 🙂 

Richie’s World “Fashion from My Buddy GRACE”

Just wanted to share a picture of the next big fashion and designer…So incredible and sweet at the same time.  Ever since she was 4 years old she has been making he own fashions designs and clothes… She even sold a shirt she created.. it cost me 10 pounds!!!! Oh must show the back of this outfit too…Smiles to all and happiness too.  🙂

Richie’s World “Paintings being worked on”

As you know I love to paint so here is an update on two huge paintings that I am working on.  I don’t use brushes except to colour the back ground.  I recycle syringes. (Cleaned and not sharp!)  I am always perfecting my technique and really find this relaxing.  So here are the two I am working on.



Both are a long way to being finished as it takes time to build up the textures on them and I will know when they are completed and then I will sign and date them.  If you have any ideas you would like me to try then please let me know. I think the next one will be a night city painting with my technique. OH excuse the mess around it 😦  Smiles to all and keep happy!!!!  🙂

Richie’s World

Just thought I would share a photo from the past, it’s of the sun rise in Paignton ,Devon UK.  I love the colours and the clouds.  I find clouds dreamy!!!  My little buddy (Grace) and I love to look at clouds and find things in them.  We’ve all done this at one time or another… Brings back memories right?  Well here it is:::::Let me know what you think!!! Smiles to all and stay HAPPY 🙂

Richie’s World “Picture from a past day out” Reflextions

I decided to post this photo I took a while ago as I am just sorting through some past work.  I’ve been interested in doing random shots to see what happens and this one looked good as there is so much in it.  It has angles, lines and people!!! I like seeing people doing their own thing.  Eating, socializing and there’s me, PEOPLE WATCHING!!!! What fun… You can see people inside the window but if you look closely you see ghost like images in it… hope you can see what I see and more.. Let me know what you think, both good and bad as it’s your opinion and your right…. Oh I need to post it now o enjoy!!!!

Tell your friends about the photo too…. smiles to all…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Richie’s Wolrd “Art in Great places”

Just wanted to share a photo I took of a beautiful work of art. This person caught my eye and I went up to her and asked to take her picture.  She was lovely. It turns out that she is a Gardner in Oxford.  We had a chat and it just goes to show that if you  leave your comfort zone and talk to someone new you might be in for a surprise.  We talked about LA INK with Cat Von DE.  the amazing tattooist in California. I like meeting real people and sharing the moment.  Hope you like it.  I know it’s not a perfect photo as I tried to blow it up  and it became blurry.  Oh well I should have taken more than one photo.  When I asked her if I could take her photo she asked she said “would you like me to take my clothes off”  I said no and we both laughed.  I hope to run into her some day and do a proper photo shoot.

Well enough talk here she is……. 

Richie’s World “wires of thoughts”

With a day in time going by so fast we need to look back to see if we did something that changed the life of someone.  I can say yes I did.. Won’t go into it but at least I know I did good.  Just decided to clean the inside of my car or should that be the banks car as I am making payments 🙂   but my poor back had its own idea on what I can and can not do.!!!! Buggers!!!!! So it’s 80% cleaned so that will have to do.. The weather has been pretty good today, warm and a slight breeze.  Just one question, What happened to Summer? Oh  ya , this is England!!!! Wouldn’t be right to have great weather or even good weather, we must have rain rain and yes more rain!!! No one here is happy unless it’s raining. YAAAAAA  What would life be like without Apple, Google, Skype and the Internet?  I can’t live without my computer, even my mobile phone…Kids are great and I don’t mean baby goats, I mean our beautiful children when they are well brought up to respect others and themselves….In the UK kids are free to do what they want  16 and to me that is too young.  If there’s trouble the parents get it not the little brat at 16 thinking they know all.  I feel that if they decide to leave school at 16 they must go into the Forces for min. of 4 years,  this will help them grow up and take responsibility for their actions. Well that enough free writing for now…..

Smiles to all and have a great night and great week!!!!   🙂  🙂  🙂

Richie’s World

I know its been a long time since my last post but life has taken me to new HIGHS!! I decided to take better pictures of my latest two Paintings..

I am not finished with them but if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them…

I do sell my work but only to nice people….I also went to see my little buddy doing something that she really loves ,,,HORSE RIDING!!!

Dam she is so good and no fear…  

I keep thinking about “what am I to do ”  My life part two is developing into something that has taken me back to an old place that I thought had gone away for good, The real me!!! I like me even more now.. It’s nice to use a camera again but I know one day I will have my own camera again, there is so much that needs to be seen and shown to other..I leave you with a lovely pic of my buddy 🙂

Keep smiling to everyone and remember they have no idea what you are really thinking!!!!

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