What next waffle grilled cheese!

Well just had my first cheese sandwich made in my waffle maker. The taste is amazing…. Here is a picture to drool over.  🙂   keep smiling1484241750955-1339089754


The rat thought he got the last laugh. Ha ha

It all started a few months ago when the earth around the girls cage grew.  By girls we are talking chickens ok? Now back to the growing earth, a small mountain that was looking like a well worn path along the side of the coop.  On closer inspection we found a hole under the hen pen.  Oh also noticed that 3 small chicks were eating as much as the 7 bird  in a different pen.  Well we set traps both nice ones and instant slammers, snap the neck and it’s lights out.   This wise guy managed to eat the bait but  not set the death collector off.  I filled in the hole, reinforced the cage and removed all the earth and two days later a new mound appears with a new prison break tunnel.  Reset the traps the dirty rat is back!!!!

Now the fun begins. I find myself inside the pen with the birds trying to make the bottom of the girls home safe from breaking and entering, stealing rats.  More wire fencing with the staple gun will do the trick.  Now a day later the tunnels are all under the pen.  Time to end this war!


I placed some great tasting rat treats out to see just how clever he is. Well the is only two words I have for that dirty rat”GAME OVER.”

Dog poo on your shoe!!!

If there’s one thing in this world I hate is that gagging feeling one gets when you realize there is something on the bottom of your shoe. You know dam well what it is but your first thought is denial. That repulsive smell is not coming from my shoe!  Alright who stepped in it? Then like magic everyone forgets how to walk normally as they walk and lift each foot at a time, funny shot. Ha haha

The real problem starts when you find its on your SHOE OOOOOO..  Now you are the only one making gagging noises, walking on your heal as if magic it will just disappear. You can’t take the stinking shoe off for fear of getting poopoo on your hands. The advice stage kicks in.  RUB your foot on the ground. Great idea but it has a few flaws. One, shit gets everywhere and other look at you in disgust like you pooped on your own shoe and decided to spread it around for all to enjoy. Secondly all this manages to do is squish it all in the treads on the poop s still able to follow you around.

Take your shoe off and pick it out with sticks, leaves or paper. No thank you. No one wants to see a grown man puking with one shoe on and the offensive shoe in his hand with doggie doodoo spread all over the bottom. I for one have the only self preserving way to deal with this situation bar killing the dog that started this whole mess and its kind hearted owner who left this generous item for me to enjoy.








The little things in life!

Well like most things in life we try to find something that makes us happy, I for one look at every moment and make that moment mine. Try to imagine every little choice you make changes the outcome of the next.

If you want things to go in a certain direction, make it happen. You only influence yourself because you can only change your own situations.  If you want to be happy then be happy.  If your angry, it’s your problem and you can only change that mind set yourself or stay angry. No one really has the time to do it for you so stop looking for others to change for you because they are making their own choices without you.

Try this,  at work, home or just out, make someone think you are the happiest,  carefree person they have ever seen.  Use you imagination!!!!

Keep smiling , I do:-)




The week-end?

Photos , laughing , silly spending. 

Ever ask yourself is this all I do? Can I do or be something different. I seem to think that everyone seems to have a more exciting life then my own. I had to look deep down and and search my own life to see that so far everything had a simple reason and it meant something.  I also know that my future is full of memories to come. Like my pending marriage, future vacations and all the ups and downs. Hope the new beginnings are all happy and no regrets.  I never feel that doing the wedding thing again is wrong or bad but a blessing that makes me feel warm. I took my little girl not so little to the Exeter museum and we started to look around and ended up in a room that was full of erotic antiques. We came through the side door but didn’t see the sign saying, Intimate World!!!  Yes loads of ceramic and metal sculptures of Penises and sexual depictions. We both looked at each other and laughed, yes we left quickly. I had to as she is only 12 years old.  I know she understands some stuff as she was giggling and went a little red in the face so I just said people used to and still do believe in this as a way to have children, in her terms.   She asked a few questions then the talks went onto other issues.Image 

Taste great but buzzing now !!!

I decided to go food shopping and found something that brought back memories.  I found chocolate. covered coffee beans. Well they are the real thing and once you start eating them you just can’t stop. I managed to stop because years ago I ate a bag full in the afternoon and learned my lesson the awake way.. Yes you guessed itI was awake till the next day. The bags under my eyes actually made it seem like they were closed. You know the dogs that have too much skin that their eyes seem closed well that was me. Not only did I look bad I felt sick from the total lack of sleep. I just wanted to cry as I had to work.  I just bought 2 yes 2 bags of this painfully good snack. Feel good chocolate with the buzz of the bean.  I will be taking only 5 a day to work as five a day seems to be the governments magical number .(when it comes to fruit and veg) Five will do without keeping me up, ya right who am I kidding.!!! Will update you later as I am creating with paints and trying to figure out what my self portrait will be, I welcome ideas!!! I want a mirror with cracks all over it.

take care and keep smiling.

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