Richie’s World “The New Year, The New Beginning”

The start of the new year was one full of fun and love.  I had my little buddy Grace for the week-end and for the start of the new year.  We are both very happy with life.  We went shopping the other day and she is quite a grown up 11-year-old. She had her money and was out to have fun with it.  She is learning the value of money and that if you buy quality it will not only last but look Great for a long time.   I have been working very hard on a new painting and at the same time showing Grace some different ways to paint.  Her latest painting that she is working on is so so good. I hope that she decides to not put a pony in it as the landscape she is working on is WOW.  Ponies are fun to draw and paint but it take loads of practice to get it right…

I have been a glutton this past year so it is time to correct bad habits when it comes to stuffing my face with junk food.  I know it will take will power and determination but I will get there.  Not saying I am a bush pig a I only gained 2.2 pounds this year.  I need to drop the fat content in my body and become more lean not just for health reasons but it will help my back.  No more with the clothes I don’t wear as I have so much. I did 2 trips to the charity shops thus far and will do a few more.  Feels good to clean out things that are not used but can be used by others.

I have set out some goals for the year ahead and am determined to do all of them.  There are physical ones,  mental ones and ones that are just about or for me.   I am learning that it is alright to put myself first before all others.  It is hard as I only want to please everyone and I know that this is not possible.  I feel that things need to move on so I will be asking my Lawyer to file papers to the divorce court so that this can finally be settled.  It’s going to cost us a lot of money but it needs to end.  I have faith that the courts will be fair and see that I am not out for anything but a fair deal.

Today I went for a walk on the beach to talk to my best friend, she always makes me feel good and I hope that I do the same for her.  I also had my car washed by this hard-working man.  He out by the sea front in Paignton every day. Rain, cold sun, no matter the weather he is there ready to work.  He put a lot of fit grow men to shame.  He works harder than these benefit collecting thugs we see all the time.  I was happy to pay him to wash my car and it was the best car wash ever, he even dried it too.  All this for Four pounds.

Keep your smiles and pass them on. I am smiling to all of you and wish you a happy New Year.


Richie’s World

Hi ho Hi ho loads of cooking to go, no I did the cooking.  I with the help of my buddy Grace we made cupcakes and healthy oatmeal bars… They mostly went to Grace’s other home with her mum… Yes I did keep some for me…I will be going to Graces school tomorrow to see her play her second football game or as we americans say soccer.  She is a defender with no fear and one hell of a kick!!! I hope the put her up on the line as I believe she could score…I know its a proud Dad talking and I can’t help it… I will push myself to do some painting tomorrow. not much but just a bit. I have been dreaming a lot and have a new painting in my mind….And some really erotic photos to take but need a real camera 🙂 will do some with a small camera so I can redo it at a later time when I get the camera I want again….  I have a few projects to work on in the mean time.. Smiles to all and happiness too.  🙂  Just a shot of some people at Paignton Devon Bike Night !!!

Richie’s World “life in a few days”

I been away lately, not just on the blog but in my head!!!   Decided I needed a complete body overhaul.  That included the dreaded Dentist.  I haven’t been in about 10 years give or take a year. I was having some sensitivity in one area and after the check up and x-rays I was told I have great teeth!! I over brush in one area and also everyone has small cracks in their teeth. Mine possible cracks could be the cause of the discomfort so was told to monitor it.  I was also scheduled for another check up in 6 months but only if I need it… He said my teeth are so good..  Now I might get them extra whitened. 🙂

Buddy just turned 11 years old today and we celebrated it last week-end by going shopping.  We took her out to Exeter so we could get her somethings that she wanted. We had lunch and then we all went out for dinner at the Cairy Arms.  Good food and a good walk back up the hill.  Grace is with her mum for them to celebrate.  I know they will all have a good time.

I get to have my back reprogrammed on Friday, hope it works.  I want off the pills, they not only upset my tummy but I mainly like to be in control of my head and pain… I have complete faith in reprogramming the unit in my back… Life is good!!!

I play the lottery all the time and yes I know it’s giving money away but you have to be in it to win it… Maybe the dreams I have when I buy the ticket will one day come true, If not the dreaming is still good fun. I don’t have any other vices so why not, I could help a lot of people start their dreams.  I am not out to do the get rich scheme as this is just a bit of fun and hurts no one…  Its half price movie night so I think I will go.. Think LOOPER looks good but only for the early show as I want to get my sleep patterns back to normal..

Oh can anyone tell me what kind of fruit this is?  Smiles to all and loads of happiness 🙂

Richie’s World

Just thought I would share a photo from the past, it’s of the sun rise in Paignton ,Devon UK.  I love the colours and the clouds.  I find clouds dreamy!!!  My little buddy (Grace) and I love to look at clouds and find things in them.  We’ve all done this at one time or another… Brings back memories right?  Well here it is:::::Let me know what you think!!! Smiles to all and stay HAPPY 🙂

Richie’s World “The past few days”

Got up this morning after a restless sleep but must have had some sleep as I had a great DREAM.  I as you all know have a great interest in Photography and am taking a course on it also, well I dreamed I had my old camera and was putting into practice what I have learned thus far.  I was out and saw a storm in its beginning stage and set my shutter speed to 1/250 of a second and captured lightning and some strange action within the cloud/lightning.  Yes just a dream but to me a good one.  Beats the scary ones!!!!  OH passed with 100% my third unit on the photography course!!!! 🙂

Yesterday I was walking by the sea and as I reached the Paignton, Devon Pier when I noticed a middle-aged man (my age) what dressed in a multi colored wet suit with the biggest pair of (no! not what you are thinking) fins and an underwater gun.  As I got closer he had 4 of the biggest fish tied onto his waist belt.  I asked him how far out did he snorkel to spear these fish?  He said, “just patrolling up and back the length of the pier.”  I wish I had a camera with me at the time as I love photographing interesting people….

Last night I decided to do some painting.  I am working on a new one with its background in a delicious deep RED…It is coming along and needs to set before I can continue as I paint with my own technique.. So with that setting I took down the BIG BLUE one and added another TWO layers to it.. I think it’s almost finished but until it tells me it’s finished I won’t sign and date it.

Went for a walk with my Cougar Girlfriend after dinner and had a pint and a laugh just talking.  Afterwards we looked at some houses and came across this in the listing.  A/CUNIT   well we could not figure it out until she said it should be A/C Unit.  We laughed so hard and started calling each other Cunits  ie. YOU CUNIT.  This will confuse others thinking we are calling each other the very bad horrible “C” word so we need to be careful.. HAAAA HAAA  🙂 🙂

Please pass this blog on if you want to and give your friends a laugh… comments are always welcome.. I will post photos of the paintings when they are finished as I do have the use of my girlfriends camera, would use my phone but it wouldn’t do them justice..

Please be happy and keep the smiles in place even if you aren’t happy.  How others feel has nothing to do with you!!!!

Richie’s World “Picture from a past day out” Reflextions

I decided to post this photo I took a while ago as I am just sorting through some past work.  I’ve been interested in doing random shots to see what happens and this one looked good as there is so much in it.  It has angles, lines and people!!! I like seeing people doing their own thing.  Eating, socializing and there’s me, PEOPLE WATCHING!!!! What fun… You can see people inside the window but if you look closely you see ghost like images in it… hope you can see what I see and more.. Let me know what you think, both good and bad as it’s your opinion and your right…. Oh I need to post it now o enjoy!!!!

Tell your friends about the photo too…. smiles to all…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Richie’s World

Just another day on the beach, NOT.  Happened to see to horse riders on the beach and it became a photo opportunity as my little girl is a rider too.  We watched and took a few shots then met them.  Wonderful girls… Some of the shots turned out ok but not quite  what I was after.. Her is one that did not get deleted.. Ok a few that made the cut. 🙂 Enjoy .  Photos taken at Goodrington Beach, Paignton, Devon UK.


Richie’s World

Well got up early to take a picture of the sunrise in the windy cold weather.  Not all good.  I froze and did not get the image I was looking for.  The sun came up in the wrong place for me.  I know it’s all about setting up the picture but sometimes you just can’t.. I will not give up as I really want this photo. Here is two I took this morning.. Enjoy the morning!!! 

Life is moving faster and faster!!!!

We all know that time won’t stand still but, it shouldn’t move so fast either.  I get up early and before I know it I am home again!!! What happened to my day?  Did someone or something drug me?  I will never know….I was nice coming home with the full moon over the bay.  I didn’t have my camera with me but will take it to work tomorrow as I am living in a dream world and think that my next big shot is waiting for me.  I need to win the lotto this week and just loose myself for a while.  Maybe go to the airport and randomly pick a flight and go.  Sound good? I would need to take a few people with me… Life is not worth anything unless you can share it (time and experiences) with others that mean more to you than yourself.  Well time to clean and make some soup .  Yes I cook all the time, its fun when you cook with others too, just be careful of the wine, it catches up with you very very fast… 🙂  take care all and talk later, maybe tonight!!

New Shot tonight on the other side of the pier

Just a quick photo for your opinions good or bad.  Enjoy!!!

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