The rat thought he got the last laugh. Ha ha

It all started a few months ago when the earth around the girls cage grew.  By girls we are talking chickens ok? Now back to the growing earth, a small mountain that was looking like a well worn path along the side of the coop.  On closer inspection we found a hole under the hen pen.  Oh also noticed that 3 small chicks were eating as much as the 7 bird  in a different pen.  Well we set traps both nice ones and instant slammers, snap the neck and it’s lights out.   This wise guy managed to eat the bait but  not set the death collector off.  I filled in the hole, reinforced the cage and removed all the earth and two days later a new mound appears with a new prison break tunnel.  Reset the traps the dirty rat is back!!!!

Now the fun begins. I find myself inside the pen with the birds trying to make the bottom of the girls home safe from breaking and entering, stealing rats.  More wire fencing with the staple gun will do the trick.  Now a day later the tunnels are all under the pen.  Time to end this war!


I placed some great tasting rat treats out to see just how clever he is. Well the is only two words I have for that dirty rat”GAME OVER.”


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