The week-end?

Photos , laughing , silly spending. 

Ever ask yourself is this all I do? Can I do or be something different. I seem to think that everyone seems to have a more exciting life then my own. I had to look deep down and and search my own life to see that so far everything had a simple reason and it meant something.  I also know that my future is full of memories to come. Like my pending marriage, future vacations and all the ups and downs. Hope the new beginnings are all happy and no regrets.  I never feel that doing the wedding thing again is wrong or bad but a blessing that makes me feel warm. I took my little girl not so little to the Exeter museum and we started to look around and ended up in a room that was full of erotic antiques. We came through the side door but didn’t see the sign saying, Intimate World!!!  Yes loads of ceramic and metal sculptures of Penises and sexual depictions. We both looked at each other and laughed, yes we left quickly. I had to as she is only 12 years old.  I know she understands some stuff as she was giggling and went a little red in the face so I just said people used to and still do believe in this as a way to have children, in her terms.   She asked a few questions then the talks went onto other issues.Image 


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