Taste great but buzzing now !!!

I decided to go food shopping and found something that brought back memories.  I found chocolate. covered coffee beans. Well they are the real thing and once you start eating them you just can’t stop. I managed to stop because years ago I ate a bag full in the afternoon and learned my lesson the awake way.. Yes you guessed itI was awake till the next day. The bags under my eyes actually made it seem like they were closed. You know the dogs that have too much skin that their eyes seem closed well that was me. Not only did I look bad I felt sick from the total lack of sleep. I just wanted to cry as I had to work.  I just bought 2 yes 2 bags of this painfully good snack. Feel good chocolate with the buzz of the bean.  I will be taking only 5 a day to work as five a day seems to be the governments magical number .(when it comes to fruit and veg) Five will do without keeping me up, ya right who am I kidding.!!! Will update you later as I am creating with paints and trying to figure out what my self portrait will be, I welcome ideas!!! I want a mirror with cracks all over it.

take care and keep smiling.

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thank you



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