Just wanted to share a nice glass of wine…

I have been messing around with my camera and took these photos to share with you. I would welcome any moments you have on them. Now I saw the fire and had the wine and we all know that fire and alcohol don’t mix.  The photos to me look good but the mix ended up burning my hand.  See the wine was resting in the fire and after I was finished the photo shoot I decided to treat myself to the wine, well the glass was so hot I almost let the glass fall from my now screaming fingers. I quickly, as fast as one with a few glasses already inside ones brain or lack of same put the glass of now molten liquid nectar on the table without spilling a drop. I then proceeded to the fridge not the sink for something cold, to drink that is and poured a fresh glass of gods so called water into wine. Well thats the story behind the scenes of this photographic adventure into my mind.  I think I got what I was envisioning but you can be the judge of these pictures. Post your favourite please and why? xxx more to come

wine and fire

wine and fire

wine and fire 2

wine and fire 2

wine and fire 3

wine and fire 3


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