Richie’s World

Not a day goes by that I don’t have some new exciting idea or the chance to meet someone special.  When you paths cross and we all know it’s for a reason.  I look forward to the next person I meet.  I am working hard on my next painting and the hard work is paying off, it is looking great.  I should watch what I eat as my tummy is now upset!!! Christmas pudding isn’t all that great anyway.  I feel sick.  😦  I finally learned how to lock my phone and it is really cool.  Why is it that e can’t live without a mobile phone?  I remember the time when you didn’t need one and it was a brick.  I gave in years ago and got a pager. What a time that was.  Now I have a top of the line phone and still learn new things I can do with it…. Right now I am watching a show about killer whales.. It is a great show as it portrays these beautiful mammals in a fantastic way. They are so smart and we seem to think that it’s just animal instinct  but is it.? I must make a mental note to self “never ever buy or eat Christmas pudding again”> I feel so sick. 😦  Sorry I have no new pictures to show you but soon I will finish this painting and will get it up on the blog for all to enjoy.. As always, Keep smiling and I am sending smiles and good thoughts to all.  It’s a waste of time and energy to be negative or hold onto bad memories. Anything that has happened is a memory. 🙂

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