Richie’s World “The New Year, The New Beginning”

The start of the new year was one full of fun and love.  I had my little buddy Grace for the week-end and for the start of the new year.  We are both very happy with life.  We went shopping the other day and she is quite a grown up 11-year-old. She had her money and was out to have fun with it.  She is learning the value of money and that if you buy quality it will not only last but look Great for a long time.   I have been working very hard on a new painting and at the same time showing Grace some different ways to paint.  Her latest painting that she is working on is so so good. I hope that she decides to not put a pony in it as the landscape she is working on is WOW.  Ponies are fun to draw and paint but it take loads of practice to get it right…

I have been a glutton this past year so it is time to correct bad habits when it comes to stuffing my face with junk food.  I know it will take will power and determination but I will get there.  Not saying I am a bush pig a I only gained 2.2 pounds this year.  I need to drop the fat content in my body and become more lean not just for health reasons but it will help my back.  No more with the clothes I don’t wear as I have so much. I did 2 trips to the charity shops thus far and will do a few more.  Feels good to clean out things that are not used but can be used by others.

I have set out some goals for the year ahead and am determined to do all of them.  There are physical ones,  mental ones and ones that are just about or for me.   I am learning that it is alright to put myself first before all others.  It is hard as I only want to please everyone and I know that this is not possible.  I feel that things need to move on so I will be asking my Lawyer to file papers to the divorce court so that this can finally be settled.  It’s going to cost us a lot of money but it needs to end.  I have faith that the courts will be fair and see that I am not out for anything but a fair deal.

Today I went for a walk on the beach to talk to my best friend, she always makes me feel good and I hope that I do the same for her.  I also had my car washed by this hard-working man.  He out by the sea front in Paignton every day. Rain, cold sun, no matter the weather he is there ready to work.  He put a lot of fit grow men to shame.  He works harder than these benefit collecting thugs we see all the time.  I was happy to pay him to wash my car and it was the best car wash ever, he even dried it too.  All this for Four pounds.

Keep your smiles and pass them on. I am smiling to all of you and wish you a happy New Year.

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