Richie’s World

Not only is the weather foul so are some aspects of life. I have learned not to let things stick to much in my head.  It’s easy to do when you finally see the truth.  You need to feel and know that you have right to feel good.  If you feel you have done nothing wrong and others feel different you need to stand your ground.  I was told something once before when I was made to feel guilty, “I don’t make you feel guilty, you make yourself feel that way so don’t blame me.”  It’s easy to say this to people who you have made to feel guilty as you know exactly which strings to pull and how to get the response you were looking for. I took all this on board and learned the hard way.  I have now stopped this feeling of guilt and know I have a clear mind and heart when I make my choices.  I do feel for all involve in my choices but I only do what is fair and right.  At the time I make my choices, other may see it differently but it’s not about them.  The bigger picture needs to be seen.  I have a great support network now.  I ask advice, listen to others but most of all I listen to myself.  I do a lot of research to get the facts before I put things in motion.  I have come a long way as I used to just gave in as I was beaten down.  With help I am so much stronger.  Seeing smiles and happiness helps. 🙂 Here’s a new sunrise for you all!!!!


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