Richie’s World

Today start Great but as the middle of the day hit I decided to fix the sink, it was coming off the wall.  Yes I know I rent but it wasn’t something to hard.  I thought that until I stuck my hand around the base of the pedestal and something RIPPED through my finger. Talk about pain and blood. Good thing I was able to call my other half and she came over to sort my middle finger.  She was told by the Doctor at a resent visit that she had a good heart so I took that to being kind, oh no she took one look at the finger and said”no stitches” and then she grabbed my finger and started to squeeze.  I must admit I was both HOT and Cold all at the same time.  I now have a pretty middle finger that I get to show everyone, that’s right sticking straight up!!!!  So the moral of this short but true story is, wait for it.  I HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS!!!

I finished one Christmas present that was giving me trouble but I never give up.  Now I am working on part two of the gift.  I will not give up as I am a fighter/lover. 🙂  Got to see my little buddy this morning and we are planning dinner and a movie.. We will see.  lets see what photo I can show you today, remember all comments are welcome both good and bad. It’s your opinion so it matters to you!!!!  smiles to all and happiness.  🙂



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