Richie’s World

Hi ho Hi ho loads of cooking to go, no I did the cooking.  I with the help of my buddy Grace we made cupcakes and healthy oatmeal bars… They mostly went to Grace’s other home with her mum… Yes I did keep some for me…I will be going to Graces school tomorrow to see her play her second football game or as we americans say soccer.  She is a defender with no fear and one hell of a kick!!! I hope the put her up on the line as I believe she could score…I know its a proud Dad talking and I can’t help it… I will push myself to do some painting tomorrow. not much but just a bit. I have been dreaming a lot and have a new painting in my mind….And some really erotic photos to take but need a real camera 🙂 will do some with a small camera so I can redo it at a later time when I get the camera I want again….  I have a few projects to work on in the mean time.. Smiles to all and happiness too.  🙂  Just a shot of some people at Paignton Devon Bike Night !!!


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