Richie’s World

Just when all is going well I had to go back into Surgery… Two times my back was drained and then it came back, a Seroma.   I had it opened up and re- sutured. I have some swelling but it is draining and it is very tender. Other than that I am doing fine.  In the morning I will be trying a new recipe for a healthy snack.  I want to become leaner and one day want o be able to jog. I can’t wait for an easy life, no pain, no worries( that will never happen as I have my little girl).I am going to try and finish my photography course this week so I will have my certificate in photography.  I have so many ideas but need to save for my camera again. I will buy used but the same one as I really like it, canon 5D Mark 11…..I keep a smile on all the time and try my best not to let anyone down but I know that when I go to sleep I sleep with a warm heart…. Smile to all and happiness…


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