Richie’s World

What a day after the storm!!! The rain and wind kept me up most of the night.  I would just about hit dream zone and then the noise would have me thinking again…. It’s nice to think but the mind has a way of carrying on into the dreaded “WHAT IF” which is a curse for the sleepy person.  I had so much going on today and managed to catch up late in the day… Can’t wait for the week-end as my buddy is staying with me… We need to have some good fun, maybe we could bake bread, paint or soccer!!!!  Just think of all your real friends the ones that will always be there for you no matter if you are in the wrong, hurt or even upset with you.  I can count the real friends on one hand.  Sorry but I will never say who they are as they already know… Everyone else is a friend but in a different category.  I found that if you don’t try to find happiness, it appears magically.  I always find a reason to be thankful for at least one thing or part of a day before I close my eyes and enter the other world that I occupy.  In the other world I can do anything and all I have to do is think it and it just happens. If I think of you then you are with me.  How cool is that!!!! If I want to fly, then I can fly..  My dream world or is it the real world is my favorite one.  When I am awake as we know it, might really be the sleeping world and the sleeping world is the real world.  It’s had to know as we have no real answers to “us” or who we are or what we are.  Look at the rest of the creatures on this speck of dust we call earth, we are the only creatures that worry, stress and are extremely GREEDY!!!  It’s know wonder we die early and become sick.  We could learn a lot form others living with very little, they always smile  🙂  I need to paint this week-end as I need to finish these two big paintings so I can start a new idea, “The city at night” all done with my syringes…. It will be at night but with loads of color…Heres a photo of my stone/rock forest I created on the beach 2.5 years ago…  Smiles to all and happiness 🙂 


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