Richie’s World

Starting this blog tonight is wishing my little buddy GOOD LUCK in her first Football match.  I will be there to cheer her on.  We practice when we can and she has a killer kick!!!

Ok now what have I been up to, well I only have two more test to take before I get my Photography Certificate.. Yaaa for me.  I might try to finish them this week before I start work next week.   I have been off due to pain and surgery in my back.  I am still tender but am cutting down my pills and using the simulator daily.. With all that’s going on it’s now just a moment in time and it has passed. I can’t explain how I feel tonight except tired and happy.  Sleep has been a problem but I am working on it..  I might do some more work on the Paintings as time is getting short.  Both big paintings are hanging on my wall and really look great but they still talk to me, Shoot me up with the colour drugs!!!!

Smiles to all and happiness too.. 🙂  Yes my favorite or one of them cooking and Thai cooking is my favorite areas.


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