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Just when you think everything is going to be ok someone has to try to get more from you.  It may be that they think it’s for the good but in the end it will only hurt  others around them…and themselves.  I have moved on and have a whole new world ahead of me.  With art I know I will make it.  By being true, nothing can go wrong in my new lease on life.  I now know what life is about and it is very simple.. It takes very little to understand and once you except it all will feel fantastic!!!!  You will still have all the emotions that life brings but if you know how to look at it you will be free.  It’s taken me 45 yrs. to understand this. I look forward to what ever life throws my way because what I know will make every good moment and bad moment just a moment.  That’s not what’s important!!!  It’s ??? No I won’t tell you because when it hits you all will be clear… Smiles to all and happiness too…  🙂 oh that was my birthday cupcake cake from my buddy Grace!!! She knows I love cupcakes and flowers 🙂


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  1. lynda
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 18:58:10

    Lovely piece Richard. I also know what life is all about……I’d found it! I’m sadly gonna have to make a choice that is hard to do but its to keep me with “the what Ive found and like”. For some odd reason resentments are flowing in my family and even though i have made a few attempts to mend, they seem hell bent on making me feel guilty for not sharing the same outlook as them. I will be leaving working for my family……..hard part is trying to mend the rift so that perhaps friendship and respect can be re-stalled. As always I am the first to make the move and that has taken great strength. I am an amazing person and i am not willing to be told otherwise. I have been severely hurt but i am going back into the tiger pit to see if i can learn to like the beast that can inflict so much pain.



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