Richie’s World “life in a few days”

I been away lately, not just on the blog but in my head!!!   Decided I needed a complete body overhaul.  That included the dreaded Dentist.  I haven’t been in about 10 years give or take a year. I was having some sensitivity in one area and after the check up and x-rays I was told I have great teeth!! I over brush in one area and also everyone has small cracks in their teeth. Mine possible cracks could be the cause of the discomfort so was told to monitor it.  I was also scheduled for another check up in 6 months but only if I need it… He said my teeth are so good..  Now I might get them extra whitened. 🙂

Buddy just turned 11 years old today and we celebrated it last week-end by going shopping.  We took her out to Exeter so we could get her somethings that she wanted. We had lunch and then we all went out for dinner at the Cairy Arms.  Good food and a good walk back up the hill.  Grace is with her mum for them to celebrate.  I know they will all have a good time.

I get to have my back reprogrammed on Friday, hope it works.  I want off the pills, they not only upset my tummy but I mainly like to be in control of my head and pain… I have complete faith in reprogramming the unit in my back… Life is good!!!

I play the lottery all the time and yes I know it’s giving money away but you have to be in it to win it… Maybe the dreams I have when I buy the ticket will one day come true, If not the dreaming is still good fun. I don’t have any other vices so why not, I could help a lot of people start their dreams.  I am not out to do the get rich scheme as this is just a bit of fun and hurts no one…  Its half price movie night so I think I will go.. Think LOOPER looks good but only for the early show as I want to get my sleep patterns back to normal..

Oh can anyone tell me what kind of fruit this is?  Smiles to all and loads of happiness 🙂


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