Richie’s World

Life is butt a dream, yes that’s the right word… I think I will have a little walk to the shops and pick up a bottle of wine for dinner. Butts, Bum, Tail, Rear End, Ass what ever you call it it’s still a funny body part and word.. Yes we all know what it’s used for in the anatomical sense but it also has other useful or useless things.. Both sexes like to look at it, touch it well the list goes on and the not so useful things, smuggle things in it oooou, sitting when you have a bad back, making funny sounds and smells stinky….ok back to a more serious note,  later today I will post a picture of one of my paintings that I have been working on, I want your opinions on it. Do I stop working on it, add more to it and what, any help but ultimately I will do what I feel it need till  the painting tells me to stop.  Once that happens I will sign and date it and it will be up for sale….  Smiles to all and stay happy (I am)  … 🙂 🙂 🙂


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