Richie’s World “Head is running away”

Why am I still up? My head is on over drive, can’t shut it down can’t even turn the volume down… Different thoughts from my telephone call from my buddy, YAAAA  Can’t wait till she comes to stay next week-end.   Not allowed to drive yet so loads of walking with lots of rest.. Painting has taken its toll on my artistic fun.. I have working on one for months and the newest one for a week… Both are looking Great and I can’t wait till the paintings tell me they are done!!!  I took the test for unit 4 today and yes I got 100% again but I had to really think on 2 questions.  Tomorrow I will do unit 5 , Composition…. All of the course thus far has been so enjoyable.   🙂

BING PONG BANG!!!!! the brain is on overdrive!!! Lack of full sleep  ,  stupid TV so go to sleep brain!!!! shopping in the morning, maybe  a treat for me don’t know…. Looking at properties is loads of fun because you can view them but deep down you know it won’t cost you anything and its a good day out because you can just be a kid and pretend!!!!  well just got tired so brain is decided to let go  go go oh no I’m waking up again, second wind, ok just gas or for some a FART  😦   Loud but you will never know HAAAAA  no thats not true I was just being silly.

time to go happy thoughts and smiles to all. 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tonya Lulek
    Sep 09, 2012 @ 23:21:46

    What medication do they have you on???!


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