Richie’s World “The past few days”

Got up this morning after a restless sleep but must have had some sleep as I had a great DREAM.  I as you all know have a great interest in Photography and am taking a course on it also, well I dreamed I had my old camera and was putting into practice what I have learned thus far.  I was out and saw a storm in its beginning stage and set my shutter speed to 1/250 of a second and captured lightning and some strange action within the cloud/lightning.  Yes just a dream but to me a good one.  Beats the scary ones!!!!  OH passed with 100% my third unit on the photography course!!!! 🙂

Yesterday I was walking by the sea and as I reached the Paignton, Devon Pier when I noticed a middle-aged man (my age) what dressed in a multi colored wet suit with the biggest pair of (no! not what you are thinking) fins and an underwater gun.  As I got closer he had 4 of the biggest fish tied onto his waist belt.  I asked him how far out did he snorkel to spear these fish?  He said, “just patrolling up and back the length of the pier.”  I wish I had a camera with me at the time as I love photographing interesting people….

Last night I decided to do some painting.  I am working on a new one with its background in a delicious deep RED…It is coming along and needs to set before I can continue as I paint with my own technique.. So with that setting I took down the BIG BLUE one and added another TWO layers to it.. I think it’s almost finished but until it tells me it’s finished I won’t sign and date it.

Went for a walk with my Cougar Girlfriend after dinner and had a pint and a laugh just talking.  Afterwards we looked at some houses and came across this in the listing.  A/CUNIT   well we could not figure it out until she said it should be A/C Unit.  We laughed so hard and started calling each other Cunits  ie. YOU CUNIT.  This will confuse others thinking we are calling each other the very bad horrible “C” word so we need to be careful.. HAAAA HAAA  🙂 🙂

Please pass this blog on if you want to and give your friends a laugh… comments are always welcome.. I will post photos of the paintings when they are finished as I do have the use of my girlfriends camera, would use my phone but it wouldn’t do them justice..

Please be happy and keep the smiles in place even if you aren’t happy.  How others feel has nothing to do with you!!!!


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