Richie’s World “wires of thoughts”

With a day in time going by so fast we need to look back to see if we did something that changed the life of someone.  I can say yes I did.. Won’t go into it but at least I know I did good.  Just decided to clean the inside of my car or should that be the banks car as I am making payments 🙂   but my poor back had its own idea on what I can and can not do.!!!! Buggers!!!!! So it’s 80% cleaned so that will have to do.. The weather has been pretty good today, warm and a slight breeze.  Just one question, What happened to Summer? Oh  ya , this is England!!!! Wouldn’t be right to have great weather or even good weather, we must have rain rain and yes more rain!!! No one here is happy unless it’s raining. YAAAAAA  What would life be like without Apple, Google, Skype and the Internet?  I can’t live without my computer, even my mobile phone…Kids are great and I don’t mean baby goats, I mean our beautiful children when they are well brought up to respect others and themselves….In the UK kids are free to do what they want  16 and to me that is too young.  If there’s trouble the parents get it not the little brat at 16 thinking they know all.  I feel that if they decide to leave school at 16 they must go into the Forces for min. of 4 years,  this will help them grow up and take responsibility for their actions. Well that enough free writing for now…..

Smiles to all and have a great night and great week!!!!   🙂  🙂  🙂


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