Richie’s World, Just a world in my head and it gets bigger and bigger!! What can I do at 45 young? I have had the best week ever and it will take a lot to beat it..  I am painting more and more and hope to sell more and more.  The work is better then ever and all i can say is YES you have your own style  and to make thing even better is I love what I do!!!! What a feeling to have a whole week off with my little buddy. We played tons and did some serious stuff too.  Crazy that one can hold so much happiness in one’s mind.. I look into my paintings and I start to dream, they take me to new places that only I can see as it is in my mind… I feel like I am actually there, in the painting!!! Yes its crazy but isn’t that normal when it comes to art? you feel the emotions and experience what the artist is trying to convey?  I feel and see what I paint and it all comes from my head….. I will get some pictures of the finished piece to you soon, just need to charge the camera battery on my loaner and then I will share with you the paintings.  Well must settle down and try to get some sleep as I have to work the day job in the morning. 😦 oh well it pays the bills…. Big smiles to all and please pass this blog on to all your friends, I want to see how many followers I can get in one year, would love to write a book on the life of blogging in Richie’s World  in my head!!!! here’s what buddy thinks to this haaaa haaa


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