Richie’s World

Just returned from a long journey (within my own head) and am extremely tired.  Sleep is supposed to fix everything but sometime wine helps !!! Hickup…  Just been told that I have a big surprise come up at the beginning of July.. I can’t wait as it’s killing me :))  Well I have to make a cake for work on Wed. and I know that they have never had this before… Last time I did Cupcakes but they were filled with different colours, Hippy cupcakes!!! 🙂   Started another painting and it is looking great.  I love my own work and style but if someone really likes it I end up selling them.  Oh well at least they go to good people.  I won’t sell to mean people no matter what..

The weather was great today and wanted to stay home but oh no work has to get in the way again!!!!

That it for today and will be using my girlfriends camera this week-end so I can post new pictures for you to enjoy… 🙂

Smile to all of you.  🙂


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