Richie’s World

Hi all,

it’s time  for the week-end review!!! I was out with some friends last night in Shaldon, a little piece of heaven in Devon.  They own a Beach Hut but not the kind you are thinking of.  This one has a bedroom upstairs and living room along with a kitchen with a full bathroom!!!!  Oh and a private patio that looks onto the beach and sea.  We were invited out for dinner and drinks.  I drove so no drinkies for me. 🙂  Dinner was Steak, chips and rocket. Pudding was an apple flan that my womans made. 🙂 yum yummy to all of it.  It was funny because I ended up doing the cooking!!! 🙂 I don’t mind as I love to cook.  We have been told that we could use the beach hut when ever we want so we are going to plan a week-end to dine and drink then spend the night looking at the stars along with the big cargo ships coming in. Sara will bring her camera so I can use it.  Sounds great to me…   I am taking  a bit of a break today or I should say tonight to charge my back.. Quite a bit of pain but that will pass when I am charged…  I had a text from Grace today and that really made my day. Can’t help but love my little buddy to death!!! I will stick a past pic on here for your eyeball enjoyment …

Smiles to all and hope your week is full of new good things… 🙂


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