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Hi everyone!!! It’s the week-end and the sun is out 🙂  I am off on a few adventures this week-end and am going to try to do some creative art, well all art is creative 🙂  I found some really nice drift wood and have been drying it out for this new idea.  I am going to gold leaf the cracks and dips in the grain of the wood. I think it will look fantastic when it’s done and will look great on the wall.  I also decided to do some gold leaf on the “Hugs” painting.  It will be a gold leaf shadow of the picture and then some small areas also which will lead onto the frame.  I see it in my head but it’s another thing to get it done the way Richie’s World ‘s head see it HAA HAAA….  Must play the lottery tonight so I need to go .  Smiles to all and have a great week-end. 🙂



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  1. S
    May 11, 2012 @ 20:22:02

    You are right , you will bounce back,and there are alot of people who care about you. S


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