Richie’s World

Life is something to look at from another perspective.  You need to step back and feel what is happening.  You can really learn a lot about yourself and others.  You will soon learn things that you thought would never ever be but it must have been there all the time.  I now know the truth and somethings sting and some other things are magical. Won’t be able to post any pictures for a while as I had to sell my camera, yes I needed the money to pay for a new bill, Just when I thought things where getting better for me , it turned a full circle.( in my head,) Didn’t get what I wanted for my camera but at least I can pay the bill and not sink into debt.  I don’t have much to sell so hope the bills don’t add up to fast.  I am not complaining as I have some people in my life that really care about me so that’s a big plus.  I will bounce back and move on….  Oh the twist in my last blog is….. Drum roll!!!!! The painting in my last blog were done by my little girl GRACE !!!! YAAAAA  she is good and loves to do art with her DAD.. Love her to bits, I might have to surprize her by selling it (I will buy it and put it away till she is older.) I know she will be over the moon to hear that her work sold.. 🙂 sneaky but I bought her first t-shirt fashion, I still have it… Well talk soon and smiles to all 🙂


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