Richie’s World

Just a quick update on what I have been up to this last few days… I had buddy over for the night and we had a blast!! 🙂

We played Wii and she picked out her easter present , two fish for her room. Yes real ones and a lovely tank that she designed. So proud of her.. We had a few tickle fights and she is getting better at her cooking skills.  She cooked stuffed chicken breast with roast potatoes and peas.   We both are painting like mad., one thing is this she is better than me… 🙂  yes I am always there for her.  She is a daddies girl or am I the girls daddy?  Try something new every chance you can, right now I am drinking a glass of CHOCOLATE WINE!!!  BIG SMILE 🙂  It is very rich and smooth and not something you can drinks loads of at one time but a glass every now and then is great..  I happen to see this at all places the CO-OP and took the gamble and glad I did..  Best of both worlds wine and chocolate… I do recommend a full-bodied red wine with slivers of dark chocolate.  Live life the way you like or want too and it will be the new norm for you.  Trust me on this one…


Smiles to all 🙂

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