Richie’s World

What makes me go on…..?  Life with people who care about me and others but allow me to care about them.  I went for a run along the sea front in Paignton and let my mind wander and actually let go.  I am trying to organize my thoughts on my first movie.  It will be a short 2 minute production that I think will amaze you so I will keep you posted.  The ideas are flowing but the one idea is still working its way out of my head… ARRRGH!!!  Can’t seem to concentrate as Grace is away right now in Spain, I know she is having fun but as a dad I miss her.

Must clean the fish tank, it is getting cloudy.   Fuel here is getting bad, the pan nic buying has led to the pumps being empty!!! Reminds me of Mad Max.  I went to two gas stations to get fuel.  What is wrong with everyone?  What is wrong with the British Government and people with putting up with this and the price of fuel… In american dollars we are talking almost $10 per gallon.!!! Ouch   The weather started out with a frost and ice on the windows but then the sun came out to play.. Must take the camera with me tomorrow to get some more shots not only for you but for the film… 🙂

I want to know whats going on in your world so sent me a link and hook up with me…

Smiles to all and pass this on to all…. got to get back to the kitchen and also a beer!

Buggers just remembered that I put a 2lt plastic bottle of COKE in the freezer last night and its been in there for 17hrs!!! I hope it hasn’t popped and made a mess in the freezer..  The freezer god was on my side no mess!!! 🙂  now I will have a coke frosty!!



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