Richie’s World

Well it’s April 1st and I feel strange…. Do I play a joke on someone or just be nice??? I will opt to be nice.  Not much on the world in my head but loads of issues to sort.  Going to miss my little girl a she is off to Spain for a week-long holiday.. I know she will have a great time in the sun and on the beach but we all know shopping will be apart of her fun.  Yes Daddy gave her some pocket-money!!!

Just did some more work on another painting.. Just had an idea for a YouTube movie. It will take some work as I haven’t got a clue on how to do it but I will do it!!!!  Nothing can stop me when I’ve made up my mind.  The sun is shining and the air is crisp or should I say cold but still I am happy it’s not raining… I must order a book today as I want to start my studies.  I know it’s early but the more knowledge I gain in this area now the easier it will be for the exam later.  I just feel that I want it now, never could wait but am learning to be at ease with time.  Might go out tonight and see what I can with the aid of the camera. This will be the start of my film….

Just been working on nails with my little girl.. We are trying new techniques, swirls in water and also crackles.. It’s hard to do these techniques as we watched it on the computer and then tried our best but it didn’t work the way we thought it would, will try one more time after she has a shower!!!!!  She will be so tired as she will be getting up at 2 am to travel to Bristol and catch the plane to Spain.  I hope she finds time to call me or send a post card.  🙂  I would add a photo of Grace in Spain as a baby but I haven’t gotten the family photos yet, someday I will share them with you..(if I am given them)  🙂   Easter is coming quick and yes Grace got an egg or 10 !!! Her main Easter gift will have to wait till she gets back from Spain as she has to choose it!! 🙂 I love to surprise her!!!!!  Talk soon to all of you and smiles to all.  Remember you are responsible for your own happiness and family first!!!  🙂


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