Richie”s World

Hi everyone…. Just wanted to touch base with each and everyone to say hello and tell you what I’ve been up to.  I will be looking into Giclee prints of my painting “Flowers Two”.  The original has an offer on it so I need the prints done as I love it so much… If you are interested in a limited signed print then let me know.  I will blog a price and a photo of it in the next few days. I am limiting it to 100 only.  If you want the original then you can also put in an offer.


Funny how some people think family means nothing.    I for one put family first and if you want to be apart of it great and if not your loss.  I have learned so much and am still amazed at things.  I have now opened myself up to new people and found some really great people and friends.  Wish I met these people 20 yrs ago.

Took a walk the other day and got these shots..let me know what you think.

I love seeing new places.  I will be doing some serious exploring in the near future. Life is too short to hold onto baggage.  I want to fill my cases with new stuff..  I hope Richie’s World  or head hasn’t put anyone off.   Heres a picture of a hard to photograph animal I like to call “the Cougar!!!!   You won’t be able to find another one like it.. Be very careful as it will stock and track you down.  It is a skillful hunter. well time to go so smiles to all and look for the next post…   🙂


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