Richie’s World

Going crazy yes I really am!!!! This morning I was in the shower and all of a sudden this vibrating noise started and would not stop. I searched for a while then gave up thinking that maybe some DIY was going on in a different flat.  I decided to go out for the morning and when I returned the sound was still there so I called the owner and complained but had to call him back and apologise as I found the problem.  It was my battery operated face cleaner. Yes a ghost must have turned it on..Now things are fine… Just came back from a cold walk on the beach with the camera but sadly I didn’t see any photo opportunities so better luck tomorrow. 🙂  I seem to be in tune with this camera now.  Wish I had more time to just be out there.  I am almost ready to go to the printers with the next lot of photos.  Yes I will post all that are up for sale when I finalize what will be available.  Smiles to all and please pass on my blog to everyone you know as it is free!!!!!  Life is on going like this image of the tracks… Things may change but the tracks keep moving forward and so life goes forward too. 🙂

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