Richie’s World

Another day done and it’s time to relax… I decided to make chocolate oatmeal cookies for everyone at work on Friday. I thought that after such a hard and crazy day we all need something nice.  I can’t wait till Friday as I have a lot of plans for the week-end.  Maybe going out, doing some painting, primping, being with the ones I love.  🙂  I feel the need to do something crazy this week end.  Maybe run into the sea, no way it’s to cold.  I think I need to find a shirt that say “why not its me”  If I see it then I will buy it.. I just need a little more extra cash and things would be fine.  See I make enough money now but there’s just one problem, everyone seems to take a bit here and a bit there so in the end it leaves me with just a little.  Oh well it could be worse.  I think I will play the lottery this week-end and you never know, the luck could be with me…. 🙂  no I don’t put all my hopes and dreams on it but it is nice to dream of what life could be like if I won.. talk soon all and have a great week-end.  I will try for that perfect photo this week-end..


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