Richie’s World

I thought it would be nice to share a place in South Carolina that I went to think.  It’s a place where the locals went to cool down as you could float down the river on a raft or tire tube.  I sat on the rocks watching others and letting my head process my life and what was happening to me and I had no control of what was going on.  I often think about it but realize that I will have a great life as I now know how to open my mind and heart.  I have so much energy inside that I often burn the candle at both ends just for a smile.   🙂    Painting and taking photographs bring me so much joy and being able to talk to someone about these things knowing that they are truly interested in listening is a feeling I can explain.   Taking a chance and teaching myself new things is a natural  high!!!!  Enjoy the picture and hope you have a place that means something to you….


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  1. Amy Williams
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 22:04:10

    Now I like that picture. You can see what it is and it has color. That is my favorite picture so far. It’s not just one thing. You have rocks, water, trees. I would like it more if there was more color. Sorry, I am a quilter and love color.


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