Just for fun….

I decided to bake cookies, why just for the fun of it. The weather is sunny but there is a catch when it comes to the weather here in the UK.  The wind is blowing and it’s COLD!!!!  Now if you like that then fine, I personally prefer to have warmth.  I am filling the house full of the smell of Oatmeal chocolate chip, Raisin Cookies.  The smell is wafting throughout the Flat and the Building.  The noses in the area will soon find there way with the help of their bodies to my door!   Yes I will share.  I might even bring some to work. Last week I did cupcakes with the help of my little buddy Grace.  I will post a picture of me now.  It’s up to date so if you like it let me know.  Yes I like this one.  I need to do some primping tonight so spa time for me, on the cheap, in house. 🙂 


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  1. Julie Traeger Julian
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 16:27:53

    Hello Rich, I’ve been trying to find you & Fiona for ages! How long since you left South Carolina? I wish you had given me an email address or telephone number! Are you doing any hospital work these days or have you been able to do photography full time? I take it you are living in the Paignton area? I was in England in May 2008, and the whole family in England & Wales in 2009, and France & England in 2010. Don’t know if we can manage a trip this summer however. We are going to the Mountain House April 9 – 12. I see you signed the guestbook upon Lee Blake’s death. Did you know Rachel Smiley Matteson died (January 5, I think) Hope life is treating you well! Can you give me Fiona’s address? Many thanks, Julie (Traeger) Julian


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