Richie’s World

Everything we see points or at least I see points to something,  It could be a sign or a finger who knows.  I thought that I needed to show off this picture I took in Vermont of a fence post pile, I did crop it.   Bing bong bang the head is going crazy!!!!  what happens if you are asleep and you walk towards the light?  Is it a sign that you are going to meet your maker or in my non religious case am I just starting a new adventure?  I have so much running around in my mind….. I can’t slow down without the help of chemical!!!!  All I need is love love love….So many projects and so little time… I want to just be and only think of me….I know that that will never happen but it would be nice..Think about it there can be no higher love, bring me a higher love….  Two more weeks and my flower painting will be hanging in my flat unless I sell it..  Good night to all.  


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