Life is moving faster and faster!!!!

We all know that time won’t stand still but, it shouldn’t move so fast either.  I get up early and before I know it I am home again!!! What happened to my day?  Did someone or something drug me?  I will never know….I was nice coming home with the full moon over the bay.  I didn’t have my camera with me but will take it to work tomorrow as I am living in a dream world and think that my next big shot is waiting for me.  I need to win the lotto this week and just loose myself for a while.  Maybe go to the airport and randomly pick a flight and go.  Sound good? I would need to take a few people with me… Life is not worth anything unless you can share it (time and experiences) with others that mean more to you than yourself.  Well time to clean and make some soup .  Yes I cook all the time, its fun when you cook with others too, just be careful of the wine, it catches up with you very very fast… 🙂  take care all and talk later, maybe tonight!!


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