Been away for awhile, oh so sorry…..

Richie’s World has really been frantic lately.  I was all taken in by people, art and loving life.  Let me explain.  I just finished a painting of a field of flowers and am in the process of having it framed.  It is fantastic and will be on my wall soon but will sell to the right person for the right price, yes everyone has a price and mine is……..I just started another painting called deep sea creatures.. I am really into this one but it will take some time as there is a lot going on in it.  All my work is Bright and colorful so it’s hard not to know my work. (I also sign them)

Been very sick these last few weeks and still have this cough hanging on. Can’t seem to kill or give it away.  I need someone to randomly KISS!!!  Might get into trouble if I do that..  Better of just dealing with it.

Had a great christmas, loved seeing the faces of the people I gave gifts to especially my little buddy Grace, (thats my daughter) she is the best.  The weather here in Sunny England (not) has been full of mild liquid sunshine.  Trying to photograph things in this climate are far and few but the I seem to get the shot I want.(lucky I guess) I want to hear from all of you on What have you been up to in the last 4 weeks.?  No I don’t want to hear about how work was just what makes you you and what excites you.  ?

Talk soon as life is getting crazy for me, so much is happening and my world is opening up bigger than I have ever known…. Happy New Year to everyone.

Richie’s  World is signing out for the night…..


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  1. Tonya Lulek
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 22:00:03

    Ron, You can be gone for days and still come up with witty things to say and pick up as if you never left!


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