Richie’s World is Back!!!!

Ping pong bish bash, yes it is strange but have you ever thought why we call things by the name we know them? Egg plant , string beans, gas, MOMMY, or body parts like the rude bits,  vagina or penis  I hate those words.  Now back to the serious things on my mind.  Why do we work till the life is sucked out of us and when its time to enjoy life we are either crippled or dead.  Why can’t we enjoy life till we reach the ripe age of 55 then start working?  You would have the time of your life then finish off with memories of what life was like and then die.  Sounds better to me. Tell me your thoughts on this.  My dream is just to be and experience all the good and great things now.  I will do everything that I have always wanted to do or was afraid to do.  Talk soon as I can as I need to come back to earth. One tip for all you wine lovers. Try This wine. LA Monnte from south africa year 2008 (red) it was voted number 2 out of the top 40  wines.  Smiles to all 🙂 


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