Where do I go from here?

I can’t think of anyplace else to go. I want to escape but have no way out! HELP me I think I’m falling in….. WHERE DO WE GO WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE.  I know these are songs but it says a lot, don’t you think so also?  I wish you would leave a comment.  I try to explain myself but I just can’t help myself.  What would you do if you had a Tardis or a time machine? Forward backward ?  You have no clue.. You can change the outcome of any situation but you need to make a choice.  Don’t think to hard as the moment will have passed. That means another choice has to be made, see you waited too long and you are stuck reading this blog.  Is it that important to you to see what is going on in my  American Mind in England?  I think so as  am still writing.  I enjoy the outlet and the entertainment I bring you.  I have a glass of red in front of me and a whole head full of ideas.  Richie’s World is itching to get out but I am suppressing it as it will be out of control.  What will be the next big thing?  I know, see I found the only place in this world that has Devon England Wishing stones!!! They really do help you.  No you can’t ask for a million dollars but you can ask for more personal things or ways to let out your thoughts in a way to help you to unlock the answers..  I will take a picture of one of these stones  or should I say magical stones for you and post it soon.  I need to be careful as it is very valuable and someone might want to steal it.  I would rather give it to someone in need.. Time to call it a night but will leave you with this photo. Enjoy and loads of smiles to you all. 🙂


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