Rats or Roller skating??????

Well it was a hard choice but you can decide what you think, I know what I thought.  I picked the Roller skating over the RATS.. Wonder why? Let me tell you this, I picked one up and decided that, that was enough for me.  The thing (RAT)  creeped me out, It has sharp nails and funny eyes that seem never to blink!!!!  The tail is also icky to touch.  Just think in some places people eat RATS but you never see anyone eating roller skates.  Maybe on YouTube  someone is trying to chew a roller skate or it was just a bad accident.  Sounds like Richie’s World is coming out.  Hold on here’s a random thought but it is a true fact also, and if you don’t believe me look it up.  The word “HONKY “  is used in a bad way against us White skinned people but do you know where the word came from?  It originated in Africa and is used to , Hold on to your heads, describe HAA HEE  DOG SHIT THAT IS LEFT OUT IN THE HOT SUN!  The dog shit turns WHITE.  Now enough of Richie’s World. Now for some photos I thought you might enjoy. 


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