My lines are crossed!!!!! Richie’s World

I feel like everything is all mixed up.. What is it that makes life simple and yet complicated?  I seemed to try to hard at times and BANG life hits back with a big stick.  I am now starting to plan the next part of my life, the now as the now is the past.  Crazy talk but true.  I do what I want but always put others first, Still, what would it take to be put first?  Hope your head is not in a phase of short-circuit.  My goodness what a bunch of twaddle I just wrote down in this blog.  Richie’s mind needs to come back to earth!!!Can’t wait till my flat is back to normal.  Not that it means that much to me.  It’s simple, we all need space to grow and create.  I have so much I want to do but have no space right now.  The creative side of me is on hold and my head is bursting with ideas.   Leave me your comments and ideas you have……   Smiles to all


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