Art by Heather Jansch

Today was a treat, went to the open house art show of Heather Jansch.  She is amazing with her sculptures.  The private collection is mind-blowing.  Walking the grounds of her property is one that leave you in peace.  The grounds are at least 5 acres and every area has something special to see.  From a running stream to rolling hills you follow the hand carved paths which whined down the hills to secluded areas.  Each area offers sculpted seating areas to sit and just be.  The horses all over the property are as friendly as they are beautiful.  You can walk up to anyone of these creatures and stroke them.  I was able to photograph every one of them.  I even managed to touch and photograph a big stag!!  To see her sculptures left me feeling inspired and wanting to create something as wonderful as her work.  Heather seemed to be at ease with everyone walking around her home and land which most people would find hard as privacy is something to be cherished.  I hope my photos of her work gives you the same pleasure I got when I saw them..Unfortunatly today is the last day this year for a look at her private collection.  I hope to see more of her work and would love to own one but at high-end art I would struggle to get a small sculpture.  Smiles to everyone and try to be creative in something that is yours.  Art is art as long as you did it with a vision in mind and you had fun doing it and sharing it with others.   🙂   There are some more photos of her work but I will post them another time as I just want to give you a taste of her amazing work.


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