Richie’s World

Well the American Mind in England is starting to get cold!!!  The weather is cooler and the days shorter.. Nothing is worse than the cold and dark times. I think I will start developing SAD’s.  Seasonal affected disorder  is a problem with many people.  The moods, depression and plain unhappiness in their life.  Ok now that you are now SAD yourself let’s build you back up.  Life is full of little moments that make it all worth living for today.  I was once in a spot or place that I could not see the light past my nose even when others around me would say “it really will get easier and better, You have a new chance in life.”  This advice was taken with a pinch of salt but I now understand what it’s all about.  To be happy you need to be happy.  I never put myself first and still struggle with it but I find it makes me happy to put others first.  Crazy I know but life isn’t just about me.  If you learn to give more to others and expect nothing in return then the benefits are abundant and far out weigh any physical reward.  I now want for very little but to be treated like an equal person.  I would like to be put first in people’s minds and choices as I always think of them first.  I never have it easy when making decisions as I don’t want to upset or hurt others.  I have found that when people make choices and I am in the equation, my feelings, and thoughts are put on the back burner as they feel I have no value anymore.  I have learned from that  and have made adjustments in the way I see them.  I feel for them and accept that that’s who they are and I just never saw it before.  I don’t hate them but limit my time with them.  The sun came up this morning and it was beautiful.  I can honestly say I love being alive!!! With a stinky flooded flat and letters demanding money with the added stresses I already have, nothing really matters as long as you have love to give, love to get, health and dreams then what else matters.  Life is so short and the time you have with people is important, you will never know when that time stops.  Let every thought be true and every action be what you intend it to be as the outcome is determined by you.  Smiles to all and good thought to you also.. 🙂


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