Run Richie Run!!!

Just got home and went straight out for a run. I must be crazy because all it feels like while running is….I CAN’T BREATH!! Just want to be SICK! I have yet to see anyone run with a smile on their face.  They all look like I feel, Like crap!   I know that its good for me because that’s what everyone says.  The truth is those people don’t run or move unless there is a cookie at the other end.  So why do I torturer myself with this GOD awful keep fit want to have a six-pack body routine?  It reminds me that I am alive, the pain is real.  I sometimes don’t feel real, well most time I feel that way.  It also helps me to think clearer and understand why I am in this place.  Reminds me of a song by Robbie Williams, I just want to feel real love in a life ever after……Sad but true.  Well enough of that for now because I need water, rather have wine but right now all I can taste is my lungs!!! Tomorrow I will do crunches and push-up with some chin-ups.  Sounds like fun NOT.    Time to end this small but real life blog.  Thanks for listening to Richie’s World.. The american mind in England!!!  Smiles to all 🙂 Rather be eating BEN & JERRY’S Ice Cream


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  1. Tonya Lulek
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 22:19:43

    I feel your pain. My mind pictures me running a marathon, my body laughs at me! People say that once you get running you crave it. I can think of a lot of others things I crave more than running.


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