Richie’s WORLD!!!!!







Well it been a long week since the true Richie’s World was last really looked at.  So Brixham Devon
had its own festival “FISHSTOCK”  not bad or a small town doing what they do best FISH.  Saw some old friends and some new one’s as well.  Hard to believe how some people judge you.  I make no claims to being anything other than me.  Wish I could show them that all is well but this is    ping-pong bang!! it’s happening again, my brain is leaving me again….. Hocus pocus is on right now, (the movie) open your mouth and eat the potion. Well that’s what some men say oops did I really say that. 🙂  no really oops up side your head, collecting hearts in a jar you do have ice in your soul.  Can you really see what is happening around you or are you stuck in a rut?  I seem to be lucky as that some real people actually care about me… My trip to the states was full of fun and most of my time was take up by my mum.. What a joy to be able to say I did like having time with her.  My sister was a joy and we seem to be able to connect after such a long time apart.  My brother who is so much younger is now and hopefully going to be more in my life.  Planning the next Vacation,,,ouch I am back now fudge , can’t spell this word but it’s fun to say “poonanie” you just need to say it the way it sounds and it sounds nice…. Ronald Reagan, Bush sr.  Not the twat son who was the worst President in HISTORY! He gave all americans a bad rap!!! Food for the soul is a book but food for my stomach is much more satisfying.  Kiss my Grits!!! Love is in the air and you know you are.  🙂   funny face is all I can say till next time smiles to all and let Richie’s world into your head…..  


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