Stinky stinkie anyway you spell it it smells!!!

Just had the bathroom floor lifted up and boy is the smell incredibly bad. Yes it’s a picture of POOP.  I also had the dresser taken away to be restored because of the water damage.  Must get this all taken care of as soon as possible so I can clean this place again.  What is a clean and tidy boy to do in all this mess.  Oh well at least I can escape into Richie’s World when I need a break.  PING PONG SMELLY POOP! oh know I am off again. Competitions is my new thing, I am trying to do as many as I can to see just how lucky I am.  I would love to win the Lotto Friday night as it would really feel great.  I could do so much with the money and it would change so many lives. 🙂 126 million pounds would go to a lot of good people places and charities.  Money isn’t the answer to everything but it helps.  I can see myself as the winner!!!  Ok, I’m back from the dream.  The smell has awaken the real me.  Food is now on my mind and another coffee.  I think it’s time to go out and see the world.  A world of fresh new faces.  Where can I go today?  Marks and Spencer’s for coffee and then off to Newton Abott for some window shopping.  I would like to find some new dishes but I have the ones I want visualized already. Lets hope I don’t let myself down.  Small but timeless, enough to serve six.   Not asking for much.  Smiles to all and sending out good thoughts to all of my friends.  Now for a happy not smelly picture.

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